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For Interested Candidates​

​Help Is Not That Far Away
Sometimes people in need feel too embarrassed or discouraged to seek the help that is essential to their growth and success.

Here at Sierra House, we welcome young women, ages 18 through 25, and their babies with open arms. We provide shelter, food, and other services needed to empower young women to achieve their goals and get back on their feet.

For many, Sierra House is a place where you can live safe free from violence, face your issues, conquer them, and proceed to an abundant life. There’s NO need to feel discouraged or ashamed. Come join us!

Services include:
·   Housing
·   Job Skills
·   Referrals
·   Counseling
·   Life Skills
·   Tutoring

For more information please call us at (973) 678-3556.
To apply now, please download, complete and email the application to Sierra House.

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